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I slipped and smooched onto the pistachio tile like a fleshy fish

Bees bogged in syrup trying to break out from

Under the skin of my purpling palm

Luckily the left one

Can’t really

bend it

Milky sacs enveloping viscous blue oozing through hollows

Lids pulled, pinned by glass paperweights

A prickly sweater strangling

Chewing at the paper thin skin

She told me he had bragged about sleeping with me

Tried to make her green with spoiled soft soap

She doesn’t know I was sloshed in a dense slumber

Swimming slow through swampy slush

Drowning in ringlets of reeds

That’s all I remember

I open my eyes to the alien four inches from my frozen frown

His gleaming eyes like saucers brimming with fluorescent sludge

He was hurting me

I put my fingers inside his spongy stomach, congealed foam from a mattress

Screaming for no one

I didn’t like my tuna fish sandwich so I buried it

An edible corpse slathered with mayonnaise jammed between slices of bread

I was sparkling all chipper and crooning and twirling and skipping and everyone told me not to bury it

but I did it anyway

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