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It’s a great day

To float down the river

I’ve joked many times

About jumping into the river

But the water looks pleasant and cool and ready for me

I don’t float well but today the river

Grasps me good

Ta-ta tongue!

All I need is skin

Not eyes neither

They fiddle better tucked in

In the wet

I’m an angel

My wings

Flutter and slip about

The water is as cold as my blood

Which is cozy

Tear off my rags

To fit into my robe

Of lake

The ringing in my ears is slowing down

As they fill up with stream

Reach into my guts

And filter out the blood

Until I’m water

I was meant to be water anyway

You know

I shut my eyes tighter

And squeeze my arms

Up above my skull

Helps me

Move faster

As I pass under a bridge

The dark

Becomes darker

It’s a great day

It’s a great day

To float down the river

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