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Knees scratch along the floor

Back snap curved cat

Pop the buttons one by one

Neck crack swivel snap

Snatch, snatch at the light

Thirsty in the black


Thwisk thwast thwack

I’m a shadow baby

Lurching to a creep

I’m a shadow baby

Sneaking to a squeak

Crawl into the sac

Peeking through the sheets

Slurp gurgle slubber

Drip sip leak

Drink until you sink

Clotted to a thud

Plunk soupy plop

Crushed hum-bug

I’m a shadow baby

Slinking for a smirk

I’m a shadow baby

Smearing on the lurk

Crumbing underneath

Paws and thumbs and teeth

Stalking kissing leech

Bended at the feet

Buzzing tunnel wax

Carpeting the skin

Jaw a sunken screech

Stiff slack pin

I’m a shadow baby

Slurp beneath the sore

I’m a shadow baby

Lying on the floor

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