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thee belly walls

It’s here, I lie

Crooked and small

Deep within thee belly walls

In the cracks

I reach up

To poke

The beating heart

In this cage of bones

They say throw things at the wall

Till they stick

But can you ever

Make the flame stick

On a candle?

Forget me not

Tunneling spitting

All the way to the bottom

Come say “hello”

Here, I lie

In this big sick knot

Digging for clams

In stomach sand

The strange man in the cowboy boots told me

“You should be an artist”

I wore cowboy boots, too

They called me curly fry

You might be older

But don’t think that

Because you’re older

That means something

Crawling under the turnstile

Chucking up Reeses Puff cereal

There are things you understand better

The closer you are to the ground

When we are underground

I will teach you the lesson

We already learned


When you sleep

I wander into your brain

Arms swarming with bees

Shoes of squelching snails

Worms writhing between the smile

I send my regards

Best wishes from a retired soul

Pushing left and right

Cast into the pit

I forget you not

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