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I decided I’m leaving

and I’m not coming back

I want to live in my dreams

because I think the dayworld might actually be the nightworld

And the night the day

And I would rather live there in my boxcar, with boxers jabbing through open slits between bars on my windows

Than pay my taxes and drink Echinacea when I’m sick and clean my toilet

In the box I close my eyes and imagine I’m flying

and I am

I had a dream last night I was talking to a headless man

His face was on his t-shirt and he had two dogs

And I liked his dogs but I didn’t like the man

(Thank god for dogs!)

but I still prefer headless to the heartless, deboned tin man of modern existence

to the drumming in my hands and pockets

I’m crammed full with ice!

Each time I wait I feel a new nail pinch into my concrete sarcophagus (and how it pains me to keep making the same mistakes!), but why wait to be dead to sleep?


Not me, I’ve decided to wander far away bloodless from my bedrock of a body

to tear my soul loose from the rusted nails and pull it along like a kite

I don’t want to die, all I want is to dream

and to never wait again.

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