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I pray, I want her to die a horrible death,

Crawl out of my skin chopped up breathing

Carrying her blood soaked feet in her hands

or just disappear

Jumping in my stomach with the trained horse

who still won’t shut up

Jumping on my bed during the earthquake

I flew like the fairies glued to my walls

I slept through the earthquake of 1994

I slept through the street corner daydreaming

About the kickback

The pounding of your liver,

Some other crap, slow motion bone chalk crush

I don’t know who put the bird

On the mantle

it wasn’t me

I don’t know who stole the batteries

out of your pointed fingernails

All I want is to learn how to smile in pictures

My horses tow me along

Like a clam, to choke, and rub my hands together

On other people’s elbows

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