"The Dark" focuses on my obsession with horror and digging into my personal history with insomnia, sleep paralysis and nightmares. While reading Capote's "In Cold Blood" in July of 2015, I was so mesmerized I couldn't sleep. The beautiful and sick images that the book aroused in my head would get stuck; "hair all over them walls" and "the head of each was completely encased in cotton, a swollen cocoon twice the size of an ordinary blown-up balloon, and the cotton, because it had been sprayed with a glossy substance, twinkled like Christmas-tree snow," were my two favorites. Realizing my obsession, I started to think about all the beautiful grotesque things I have become stuck on in the past. And although I often have even more trouble falling asleep afterwards, I continue to gorge on scary movies, television and books. I’m also terrified of being alone in the dark. Even in my own room.

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